The Latest… 

  • Thrilled to be included in an exhibit of artist’s books, In and Out of ConTEXT, curated by Lena Bartula. Opens February 3, 2019 at the wonderful Galeria La Huipilista, right here in Colonia Guadalupe, SMA. Other featured artists include Leigh Hyams (my late mother-in-law), and Glen Rogers. The exhibit runs through February 23.

  • As the closing event of In and Out of ConTEXT, on Saturday February 23 at 5pm we’ll be having an Out of ConTEXT Random Moby-Dick Read-In, utilizing my piece, The Moby-Dick Tree. Anyone who’d like to is invited to choose a page from the tree and read it out loud. Or just come and listen and enjoy hearing Melville’s glorious language, read “out of context.” We’ll have wine and snacks, and promise not to read the whole book.

  • I will be contributing a piece to a group exhibit called Plastic Madness at Casa Europa (San Francisco 23 in SMA) that opens March 7. The theme, curated by Glen Rogers, has to do with artists’ responses to the plastic waste epidemic that is wreaking havoc on the earth. Twenty-five artists are included in the show, which Glen has mounted previously in other parts of Mexico, the U.S., and abroad.

  • Was honored and thrilled to be part of Danny Cameron’s annual ArteTaco bash last November. My work was featured along with photographer Peter Levitan and Danny’s own amazing assemblages. All new work made in 2018, including some large sculptures — branching out in new directions.

Plastic Madness invitación.jpg
The Moby Dick Tree (with an accordion book by Leigh Hyams on the wall behind).

The Moby Dick Tree (with an accordion book by Leigh Hyams on the wall behind).

book art promo.jpg